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Life of Country "K"

1. at Photo Studio in Country "K"
2. out of keeping?
3. Riders in Country "K"
4. Baby smiling!
5. Room of Country "K" people
6. Zzzzz
7. Kitchen or....?
8. Environment of Country "K"
9. Country "K" say "We are major IT Power!! by ownself
10. Long legs and beauty.Japanese don't have them.
11. An average woman at Country "K"
12. in demonstration march
13. Head of Country "K"
14. Say hello!
15. Head of Country "K"
16. Cute Baby!!
17. Zzzzz
18. Soldier of Country "K"
19. marines of Country "K"
20. Life of soldiers in Country "K"
22. Rider of Country "K"
23. have a ceremonial wash
24. We fight for "K"!!!
25. World agriculture
26. Q. Who take face-lifting?
27. Remote controler of Country "K"